• Need English Support in Niigata? We'll be the one!

    If you are not able to speak Japanese and coming to Niigata, there may be some difficulty to browse around the city.

    We are very happy to be the one who will support you in any aspect.

  • Ask Us to Support:

    Town walks guide around Niigata

    Japanese translation on your site

    Assist in shopping

    Private Japanese-food cooking lesson

    Find out your new apartment

    Moving in and out from your apartment

    Cleaning your apartment

    Consultant for waste disposal

    Buying and selling your car

    Translate Japanese documents

    And anything you ask us to support you!

  • Service Charge

    Please ask us for a quotation first!


    Price may vary upon to your request.

    Plus any transportation fee, usage fee.


    Here below are some examples.

    • Town walking guide for a day: 10,000yen
    • Find an apartment room: 5,000yen
    • Consultation of rubbish disposal: 3,000yen

    Please be advised that we first need to discuss together based on your requirement/success criteria, since the accurate charge depends on each individual case.

  • Steps We Support You

    Here below is the basic procedure to be followed.

    1. Contact us

    Please use a contact form below this page. Then we will contact you.

    2. Discuss your requirement

    We will consult your requirement in detail.

    3. Send you a quotation

    Payment condition and success criteria to be decided.

    4. Order

    If you are happy with our quotation, then please give us an order.

    5. Proceed on your request

  • Voices

    Here are some comments we have received from our customers previously.

    Recent Comments

    • This is the best company ever I had experienced in Niigata city.
    • The Japanese cooking class was really helpful for me who has little experience of cooking. I could also learn the basic of Japanese ingredients. 
    • I really appreciate your effort!
    • Definitely, I will come back to this whenever I have any request in the near future.
    • I could never move out of my apartment unless this company helped me with several stuffs together. I could not drive a huge pick-up truck, so the skilled driver was really helpful.

    Please feel free to drop us with any issues and concerns!

    We will be happy to help you in any way!

    Hiroyuki "Roy" Yamazaki


    Niigata-city Promoter

    Cleaning Expert

    Waste-control Consultant

    Atsushi "Hashi" Hashimoto


    Niigata-city Promoter

    Business and Architectural Consultant

    IT genius

    Kazuyoshi "Kaz" Maeda


    International Business Consultant

    President of Community Building Organization, EikaiwaBox


  • Contact U​s

    Please let us know what is your concern.

  • About Our Company

    We always strive for the best.


    It is a common concern that people are worried about new environment when you start a new life in a foreign country.

    We, Niigata English Support Co., will be pleased to be in the position which is able to help/consult your problem in order the customer to solve it as quickly as possible.

    Company Principle

    All our staffs belonging to Niigata English Support Co. have unique back grounds and experiences that will definitely contribute to tackle on any cases you might talk to us.

    Please feel free to ask us anytime you want, we have strong confidence to support you from multi angles.

  • Niigata English Support Co.

    Yokogoshi-chuo 7-2-20,

    Kounan-ward, Niigata-city,

    Niigata-prefecture, Japan